Where to Put a Rolling Barn Door

Rolling barn doors are a gorgeous and unique addition to any home. Whether you go with a single or double, barn doors are not only beautiful, they are also functional; creating distinct separation between rooms that could benefit from privacy. In Arizona, barn doors can offer some much-needed privacy or just a touch of character and class.

barn doors hide mess and create privacy

Barn Doors Hide the Mess in the Kids’ Playroom

Cleaning up after kids can be a never-ending struggle. But you do it because who wants to constantly see toys strewn all over the place? Sadly, you no sooner clean up the toys when they’re pulled back out again. It’s a vicious cycle…but what if you could hide the never-ending-toy-mess with a set of custom rolling barn doors? Arizona homes often feature an open floor plan which doesn’t always allow for hiding that mess. You can easily turn the stress of the kids’ stuff into a serene smile every time you roll that barn door satisfyingly shut.

Barn Doors Create Privacy in the Bathroom

Does your bathroom have a door separating the master bedroom from the master bath? If you live in Arizona, the answer to that question is likely a frustrated no! Interestingly, many Arizona floor plans do not include a door separating the bedroom from the bathroom. While this does allow for an open room flow, it also means the person getting ready for work wakes up the person still sleeping. We think most people would prefer to have a way to close the bathroom door not only for privacy, but also to keep things quiet on the bedroom side. A rolling barn door makes that bathroom private and that bedroom quiet!

Maximize Limited Space with Barn Doors

Smaller homes, particularly in Arizona, often face the challenge of limited space. These living areas require creative solutions to separate the living, sleeping, and dining areas without sacrificing the openness that makes Arizona homes so appealing. By installing a barn door, temporary wall are made that divide the space for specific purposes, such as sleeping or working, and then open the space back up when not in use. This not only maximizes the functional use of the space but also adds an element of style and modernity that traditional doors or partitions lack.

Whether you’re looking to create a private home office during the day or a cozy bedroom by night, rolling barn doors provide versatility and aesthetic appeal. Plus, the ease of installation and customization make them a cost-effective solution for small space living.

rolling barn doors in on bedroom closet

Incorporate Barn Doors into Your Home Decor

Aside from their practical uses, rolling barn doors also add a touch of style and character to any home decor. With various hardware and material options available, you can customize your barn door to fit seamlessly with your existing interior design.

From rustic wood to sleek and modern glass, there are endless possibilities for incorporating barn doors into your home decor. They can also be used as a focal point in a room, highlighting a beautiful view or artwork when closed and adding visual interest when open. Whether you’re going for a farmhouse chic look or a more contemporary feel, rolling barn doors offer a unique and stylish addition to any home.

Barn Doors Add Rustic Charm to Any Room

A rolling barn door is a creative and beautiful option for any room. How about replacing that boring, characterless white door with the rustic beauty of a custom barn door? You can’t beat the warmth, charm and character this type of door treatment affords.

Whether you want to hide a mess of toys, create privacy for a home office or let your love sleep in,…rolling barn doors are a beautiful and affordable option.

brown rolling barn door with windows

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