What Is A Media Wall and How Can You Incorporate One Into Your Scottsdale Home?

custom media wall with stone backsplash, shelving, and build-in cabinets with fireplace

What Is a Media Wall and How Can You Incorporate One Into Your Scottsdale Home?

According to Forbes, the rooms most frequently renovated are the kitchen, the bathroom, and the master bedroom.

We take great care in designing our communal living spaces and spend an average of 2 hours and 46 minutes per day plunked down on the couch watching TV.

How many of us are actually happy with the way our entertainment system looks in relation to the rest of our living room?

A simple renovation could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Read on to find out what a media wall is and how it can tie together every element in your living room.

What is a Media Wall?

Often, people rely on store-bought entertainment centers to house the components of their entertainment system. This could include their television, multi-media players, gaming consoles, sound systems, and more.

Rarely are these entertainment centers custom-made, which means they have to adapt to the available space rather than the other way around.

The primary function of a media wall is to neatly and safely house your entertainment system by attaching individual components or shelving units to the wall, itself. Media walls, like feature walls, also incorporate your decor in order to create a more unified, polished look.

Benefits of a Media Wall

One of the biggest benefits of a media wall is the opportunity they create to hide less-than-appealing features. A well-built media wall will hide every cord and wall socket needed to power your entertainment system.

Media walls are also designed to give your technology proper ventilation. When we use our TVs, gaming consoles, and speakers, they emit quite a bit of heat. When that heat has nowhere to go, our technology can become damaged beyond repair.

Media walls are designed to increase your storage space. You may love your Blu-ray collection but may not love the way it looks stacked up in your living room. If that’s the case, ask your interior designer to incorporate closed storage areas so you can hide your collection away without sacrificing easy access to it.

How to Incorporate a Media Wall Into Your Interior Design

Ditch the clunky entertainment center and build a media wall that matches your interior design. Choose a structural design that blends well with your style.

Sleek, floating shelves are a great way to display art in a post-modern living room. Create storage areas with reclaimed wood to match your beachy or farmhouse theme.

If you want to draw attention towards the decor on your media wall and away from the television, install ambient lighting above or below your display shelves or cases. Whether your TV is centered or off to one side, your well-placed decor is sure to catch your eye.

Ultimately, the best way to create a well-incorporated media wall is to work with a professional designer. They can take your ideas and visions and turn them into something practical and stunning.

Hire a Designer to Build Your Media Wall

If you’re in the market for a gorgeous media wall in Scottsdale or elsewhere in Arizona, you’ve come to the right place!

At D & R Design, we work with our clients from start to finish to help them design and execute the media wall of their dreams. Contact us now and get a quote for your next design project.

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