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Top 5 Ways to Make a Large Room Feel Cozy

These days, open floor plans and great rooms are an expected feature in most homes, second only to running water and perhaps electricity? We’ve traded in small, compartmentalized homes with cozy rooms in exchange for grand, open spaces with vaulted ceilings and tons of natural light. Most would agree this has been a positive trend, but when it comes to decorating these expansive, multi-function areas, some homeowners can feel downright overwhelmed. Here, we share five ways to cozy up that open floor plan.

1. Wood beams or inlays on the ceiling make a large room feel cozy

Wood beams in Arizona homes are a fabulous way to make huge spaces feel cozier while adding warmth to an otherwise bland color palette. Beams and wood ceiling inlays do a great job of breaking up the monotony of off-white walls and ceilings and add charm and character to any room. Beams can be placed parallel across the ceiling or in a grid for even more visual interest. A wood design on the ceiling is limited only your imagination.

2. Large potted trees help make a large space feel homey

If your open floor plan features vaulted ceilings, you not only have to think about furniture, but you also have to fill the vertical space as well. A great way to do this is to employ some strategically placed potted trees. If you don’t get much natural light (or if you’re sure to kill a tree) there are plenty of faux potted trees that look real. Place these in bare corners or other areas to help fill in the vertical height and add warmth to the room.

3. Paint a color on the bottom half of walls for a cozier feel

A great way to make a room feel warmer, smaller and cozier is to paint just the bottom half of your walls. Wainscoting in Arizona is a great trim to use halfway up the wall and it can be painted any color you choose. Painting a darker color on the bottom of walls makes the ceiling feel lower than it is.

4. Create smaller living areas within the larger room

While it’s lovely to have a huge, open concept home, a grand room can feel too grand when you’re just home with your spouse. While enormous pieces of furniture will help fill the space, you can also make use of smaller pieces with great success. We recommend creating smaller “living areas” to enjoy. For example, an easy chair with a side table and floor lamp tucked in a corner is the perfect place to read. You can even use a decorative screen or trim out the wall behind it to set that area apart visually. Think about the things you love to do most (afternoon coffee? games?) and create smaller areas within the larger whole.

5. Have a wood craftsman in Arizona create custom built-ins or a feature wall

Another excellent way to warm up an otherwise overwhelming great room is to hire an Arizona woodworker to design and build custom shelving, custom cabinets or a breathtaking feature wall. Not only do these design elements fill in a lot of empty space, but they also serve as a beautiful focal point in the room. If you have a home with an expansive, open concept, it can be confusing and overwhelming to figure out where to begin. Why not get in touch today and let us take a look at your space? We would love to offer our creative design insights and help you create the coziest great room in Arizona.

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