5 Ways to Make a Large Room Feel Cozy

These days, open floor plans and great rooms are an expected feature in most homes, second only to running water and perhaps electricity? We’ve traded in small, compartmentalized homes with cozy rooms in exchange for grand, open spaces with vaulted ceilings and tons of natural light. Most would agree this has been a positive trend, but when it comes to decorating these expansive, multi-function areas, some homeowners can feel downright overwhelmed. Here, we share five ways to cozy up that open floor plan.

1. Wood Beams Or Inlays On The Ceiling Make A Large Room Feel Cozy

Wood beams in Arizona homes serve as a fantastic design element, transforming vast, impersonal spaces into inviting, cozy areas while infusing warmth into an otherwise mundane color scheme. The strategic use of beams and wood ceiling inlays significantly disrupts the monotony of off-white walls and ceilings, injecting charm and character into any space.

These beams can be meticulously arranged parallel across the ceiling or configured in an intriguing grid pattern to enhance visual interest. Moreover, the potential for a wood design on the ceiling is boundless, limited only by the breadth of your imagination. This architectural feature not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of a room but also creates a unique ambiance that makes a house feel more like a home.

With each beam telling its own story, they add a layer of history and artistry that is unmatched, making them a must-have in the design of luxurious, comfortable Arizona homes.

bedroom remodel with gallery wall and wood beams

2. Potted Plants Makes A Large Space Feel Homey

Potted plants are a fantastic way to make a large, open space feel more inviting and homey. If your living area boasts an open floor plan with vaulted ceilings, the challenge doesn’t stop at selecting the perfect furniture arrangement. You also face the task of filling the expansive vertical space to create a cohesive and warm environment. A highly effective strategy to tackle this is to introduce some strategically placed potted trees. These can serve as natural art pieces, drawing the eye upward and bringing a sense of life to the room.

For those spaces that don’t benefit from abundant natural light, or if you’re concerned about your ability to keep a tree alive, there’s a wonderful alternative. The market offers an impressive array of faux potted trees that are incredibly realistic. These artificial options can provide the same aesthetic benefits without the upkeep. Placing these faux trees in bare corners or alongside focal points in the room can dramatically help to fill in the vertical height, thereby adding warmth and character to the space. This approach not only enhances the room’s aesthetics but also creates a more inviting and comfortable atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

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3. Paint A Color On The Bottom Half Of Walls For A Cozier Feel

To infuse your room with a sense of warmth and intimacy, consider the unique design technique of painting just the bottom half of your walls. This approach not only makes the space feel more inviting and snug but also artfully creates the illusion of a smaller, more intimate area, perfect for gatherings or quiet evenings at home.

Wainscoting, a popular decorative feature in Arizona, offers an elegant trim option that can be installed halfway up your walls. It acts as a perfect demarcation line for your chosen color, blending seamlessly with the rest of your decor.

By opting for a darker shade on the lower portion of the walls, you can dramatically alter the room’s perception. This method makes high ceilings appear lower, which enhances the cozy atmosphere, making it feel like a warm embrace. Furthermore, this approach adds depth and character to your space, enriching it with a visually stunning contrast that captivates and draws in the eye.

By carefully selecting your colors and materials, you can create a comfortable and welcoming environment in any room of your home, making it the ideal retreat for relaxation and comfort.

feature wall

4. Create Smaller Living Areas Within The Larger Room

While it’s truly wonderful to own a large, open concept home, the expansiveness of a grand room can sometimes feel overwhelming when it’s just you and your spouse spending a quiet evening at home. Although incorporating enormous pieces of furniture is one way to fill the vast space, utilizing smaller pieces can also achieve great success in making the area feel cozier and more inviting. We strongly recommend creating smaller “living areas” within the larger space to enjoy different activities.

For instance, placing an easy chair with a side table and a floor lamp in a corner not only utilizes that space effectively but also creates the perfect nook for reading. To enhance this cozy corner, consider adding a plush throw and a small bookshelf filled with your favorite reads.

Another idea is to use a decorative screen or creatively trim out the wall behind it to visually set that area apart from the rest of the room, adding a touch of personal style and intimacy. When thinking about setting up these smaller living areas, reflect on the activities you love the most—whether it’s enjoying a quiet afternoon coffee, engaging in board games, or perhaps knitting. Create designated areas for these activities by arranging furniture and decor in a way that invites you to engage in your hobbies.

For example, a small, round table with comfortable chairs placed by a window can become the perfect spot for board games or afternoon tea.

living room remodel with built-in cabinets and custom trim work

5. Install Custom Built-Ins Or A Feature Wall

An additional, highly effective method to add warmth and character to an otherwise vast and potentially overwhelming great room involves enlisting the talents of a skilled Arizona woodworker.

By commissioning custom-built shelving units, bespoke cabinetry, or a stunning feature wall, you not only utilize and fill the expansive empty space more creatively but also introduce a beautiful, eye-catching focal point to the room. These tailor-made design elements not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also bring a sense of homeliness and warmth to the area.

For homes boasting an expansive, open-concept layout, the prospect of decorating and furnishing can seem daunting. It’s often confusing to determine a starting point in such a wide, uninterrupted space. However, integrating custom woodwork is a strategic way to bring structure, beauty, and a bespoke touch to these vast areas, making them feel more inviting and manageable.

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