Three Ways to Uplevel Your Master Bedroom

uplevel your master bedroom

Three Ways to Uplevel Your Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is an important room in any home. It’s where we go to rest, to get away from it all,…but this room is often forgotten about when it comes to design. In new builds, the master is usually just a large, white box with no special touches or interesting focal points. Here are three ways to take your boring master and make it a beautiful and cozy haven – on your own or with the help of a woodworker in Arizona.

Add Some Color

Paint is one of the least expensive and most impactful ways to uplevel your master. We recommend using a darker hue if your master is large – this will make it feel cozier and warmer. And don’t be afraid to try very deep colors like chocolate brown, navy blue or even black. You can choose to paint the whole room for maximum drama, one or two walls as an accent, or paint all the walls just halfway up. We really like this last approach as it will really warm up a room without making it too dark. Instead of just painting the wall halfway up, consider painted wainscoting for even more character and interest.

Create a Feature Wall Behind the Bed

Another fabulous way to uplevel your master is to do a feature wall behind the bed. A feature wall can take many forms – the sky is really the limit. You can have a wall of built-in shelving installed to create a functional space. You can do a full wall of shiplap or board and batten which will add texture and depth to the room. You can even do some beautiful stone or brick to create a more rustic look and feel. Whatever type of feature wall you choose, this approach will create a ton of wow factor and make your master a room worth showcasing. Just be sure you hire a master craftsman in Arizona to do the work so it will last for years to come.

Add Rolling Barn Doors

Rolling barn doors are a fantastic way to uplevel your master bedroom with a beautiful yet functional feature. Do you have an open doorway from the master bedroom to the bathroom? This is common in Arizona homes but can become frustrating when one person is sleeping and the other needs to shower. Adding a rolling barn door to this opening not only adds a ton of character to the room, but also creates some much-needed privacy.

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