While kitchen and bathroom renovations usually lead to the best return on investment, D & R Design can update any room in your home! Renovations are a great way to increase resale value, or make your home work best for your lifestyle.

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Home Renovation Projects

Kitchens and bathrooms are our specialties, that is where you will get the most return on investment, but we can tackle any room in the house.

The concept of home renovation implies fixing or making additions to your home. This can consist of projects that update an existing structure or facility or that that add a brand new feature to the property. Home renovation projects can target both the interior and exterior of your house, depending on your wishes and the property’s needs. If you happen to have a minor issue with your home, have your eye on a new piece of furniture, or simply feel the need to create a different space, a home renovation project might be the answer for you. If you’re unsure about this being the right service for your home, get in touch with us, and we’ll make sure to answer all your questions in a timely and relevant manner.

At D & R Design home renovation services are between the most popular ones that we offer. Most homeowners renovate their homes when the materials or furniture starts to age and problems in functionality arise. The signs of an aging house are always best addressed the moment they appear, otherwise, they might lead to safety issues. A crack in your foundation, leaks in your roof, a wobbly banister, or electrical issues can pose a serious risk to the health of your beloved family. These issues will all get gradually worse and the risk factor will multiply. Therefore, we will always recommend that our clients fix similar issues as soon as they’re detected. Concern for your safety aside, addressing them on time can save you a significant amount of time, money, and additional complications.

"before" photo of a kitchen about have a renovation"after" photo of a kitchen completed renovated by D & R Design AZ, a modern style kitchen renovation, white clean countertops, white cabinets, and artisanal tile work

When is it Time to Renovate?

Home renovation services aren’t exclusively oriented toward homeowners who face issues with the functionality of their house. They can be the answer for a large spectrum of concerns or offer a transformative solution your home has longed for. To help you decide whether this is the right service for you, we assembled a list of the main reasons we see for starting a home renovation project. Our home renovation services might be the answer for your home if you can relate to any of the following points:


Fixing a Safety Issue

This is the most urgent reason for finding a home renovation contractor. If your home starts showing signs of any electrical or structural damage it might become a safety hazard for you and your family. To avoid further exposure to risk and save up on precious time and money, we recommend addressing these issues before they get out of hand.


Upgrading your Home’s Functions

2020 was the year that showed us how fast we need to adapt to uncertainty and change. This statement applies to the homeowner as much as it does to the home. You might need a home office due to transitioning to remote work. Your family might need an extra children’s room, additional closet space, or a backyard patio for your family barbecues. If your home requires additional space or facilities one way or the other, a home renovation project is a great way to solve these issues.


Enhancing the Comfort of your Home

Even though this isn’t as urgent, yet it is just as important as the previous reasons for a house renovation project. Every homeowner should derive a great sense of joy and comfort from their home. This is an aspect we often tend to dismiss. A home renovation can finally add that exciting media wall or classy study that you’ve always longed for. If there is anything that would help you derive greater joy from your home, we want to help you add it through our home renovation services.


Boosting the Efficiency of your Home

Lowering the energy costs of your home should be viewed as a long term investment, that can even impact the next generations that will inherit your family home. A strategic home renovation can cut down your bills by upgrading your heat pump, adding insulation, or switching to better windows. An energy-efficient home will save you the costs of the renovation over time and will always be an attractive point for buyers as it increases the value of your property, which brings us to our next point.


Improving your Home’s Value

Many of our clients strategically undertake home renovations to increase the value of the property. This is a smart investment if you’re certain that you’ll be selling your home at some point in the future. The proper home renovation services can drastically improve resale value. The modifications that increase your home’s value the most are kitchen and bathroom renovations, creating an open living space, and replacing the front door. A kitchen or bathroom renovation will always be a good investment, considering the return on investment.


Preparing your Home for Sale

If selling your house is your next move, a home renovation might be the smartest investment for you. Several of our clients come to us before selling their home, and the type of renovation services we offer in this case serve to optimize your return on investment. We focus on upgrades that add value, fix any issue of functionality or appearance, and help you choose a neutral style and color, that would speak to most prospective buyers.

When it comes to home renovation projects, these are just some of the most popular reasons we see behind them. However, if you find that you’d like to add space, functionality, or value to your home, a custom renovation can accomplish all of these in one single project. At D & R Design we specialize in offering customized renovation services, specifically designed to tackle the issues of your home.

A home renovation project can transform the dullest parts of your home into a vibrant, useful, or relaxing space you long to spend time in. We are deeply passionate about home renovation, and treat every project as if it was for our home. Get in touch with us today, to start designing your new media wall, bathroom, or renovated kitchen together, and bring it to life in your own home.

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Home Restoration

At D & R Design we are familiar with every style from mid-century modern to contemporary and everything in between. We will respect your home’s original architecture and honor the intended design while restoring the functionality to perfection.


At D & R Design we are especially drawn towards home restoration projects. We appreciate both the aesthetic and emotional value of your home and understand the importance of restoring it to its previous splendor without disrupting the look and the feel of it.

Customers and even some contractors often mistake home restorations and home renovations. We even see instances of people using them interchangeably, thinking they carry the same meaning when they are very different services and require particular skill sets. To fully understand the benefits and process of home restoration, it is important to first differentiate between the two services.

The home renovation service is usually requested by homeowners who like their home, size, and basic layout, but find the style and facilities outdated and in need of modernization. Home renovations usually require a new kitchen, bathroom, wiring, plumbing, and the fixing of any other structural issues. While the layout of your house stays the same, this requires some significant design work. We recommend this service to our customers who’d like to see some of their own stylistic touches in their newly renovated home.

A home restoration, on the other hand, is when you lovingly rebuild a withered house. This implies bringing the home back to its original state. Typically, a restoration project will involve none or minimal change in terms of design, as the goal is for the building or room to best resemble its previous state. Even the best-built homes require periodic restoration and maintenance. Materials age, colors fade, and the elements inevitably get damaged over time. Restoration is bringing it back to its original architecture and repairing or renewing what’s necessary. We recommend a home restoration to all the homeowners who’d like to honor and preserve the original architecture and design.

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