Pre-Construction Services

At D & R Design, our pre-construction services are designed to help us align your project with your dreams, expectations and budget to ensure we deliver exactly what you’re looking for! We get to know you, your home, and your expectations regarding your home remodeling project.

When it comes to your home renovation, we want to be on the same page as you right from the start! Reach out today to jump-start your project or request a quote!

Dream Big!

At D & R Design, we hold your dreams to the highest esteem! This is why we put great emphasis on having an in-depth conversation before every home remodeling project. Most contractors rush through this phase, however, we believe that getting to understand your vision is the first and most important step towards your dream home. We want to align with your dreams, expectations, and budget, to make sure we can start planning and delivering exactly what you want.

Our pre-construction services are designed to do just that. We get to know you, your home, and your expectations regarding your home remodeling project. The pre-construction service gives us a valuable opportunity to talk about every detail that matters. We want to know about your vision, stylistic preferences, budget, and the reason behind your home improvement. Are you upgrading your home office? Would you like your outdated bath or kitchen to move into this century? Do you need to reconfigure your space for a growing family? Whatever it is, we believe it is important, and want to know all about it!

At D & R, we don’t exclusively rely on our experience in the industry and craftsmanship but on the significance of thorough communication as well. We believe in the importance of making your ideas heard. We encourage you, as well as all our customers to give us the most detailed account of your dream from the beginning, so we can bring it to life in your home. To make sure that all your ideas and concerns are heard, we implemented the pre-construction services at the beginning of our home remodeling projects, to encourage open dialogue and collaboration. When it comes to your home renovation, we want to be on the same page as you from the get-go!

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Pre-Construction Consultations Make a Difference!

Have you been toying with the idea of redesigning your old bathroom? Does a more vibrant kitchen space sound enticing, but is too big of a commitment? Our pre-construction consultation is designed to give you an estimate of what it takes to create your dream space in your home before committing to a full renovation. If any of the following questions apply to you, our pre-construction services can help guide you towards your new and improved home:

● Are you fully prepared for your home remodeling project?

● You’re not sure what you need to get started?

● Are you unsure about your project’s plausibility?

● Do you know what it might cost?

● Have you got a complete design or want help with creative options for your space and budget?

Our pre-construction services will tackle all these issues and many more. For every home renovation project, there are several starting points. By analyzing your space, understanding your vision, and making sure that your budget is realistic, we can determine the best course of action. We’ll also take a look at how developed your initial idea is. Our expertise in design and creative problem-solving might just be the push it needs to become reality.

Four Keys To Planning Pre-Construction

To determine the best starting point for your project, our pre-construction services are oriented around 4 main items:

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1. Executing an Engineering Assessment

This assessment serves to determine the existing conditions of the space concerning your vision. We look at whether a project is feasible and whether it makes the most sense for your home.

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2. Agreeing on an Initial Design

We field measure the existing room and develop an initial layout, for you to better visualize the space and make sure it is sufficient for the desired furnishing and design.

budgeting your remodel

3. Establishing a Preliminary Budget

Based on the design and engineering assessment, we’ll produce a preliminary budget. Establishing this before starting construction is essential, to make sure we make the expenses of your home renovation project and design fitting.

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4. Planning a Preliminary Construction Schedule

After we sorted out most of the intricacies, we establish a preliminary construction schedule for your project. This schedule serves as an approximate guide to when we’ll be delivering and implementing every point of the project, from producing and delivering the furniture, to making the necessary changes in your rooms.

Take Your Idea Further

Besides helping you get comfortable with your home remodeling project, our pre-construction services are designed to give you an overview of all the necessary steps. Furthermore, it will save you time during the construction phase and money due to preventive planning and troubleshooting.

Whether you have a fully developed design in mind, or simply feel the need to touch something up, our pre-construction consultation will guide you in the right direction. At D & R Design we don’t just offer a qualified contractor, but our goal has also always been to take it further and make sure that your ideas and concerns are heard, your input is necessary, and your dreams can be brought to life for your home.

Our business is to provide our customers more. More in-depth design, a structured plan, and quality execution. We are honored you trust us with your home renovation.

What customers are saying about D & R!

Devin and Ronda were excellent with communication and answering our questions. They helped us with our design and what would work well for our family’s needs. They installed a beautiful sliding door in our master bedroom and completely remodeled our family room media area. Great quality and pricing.

Kelli R.

From design concept to installation, D & R Design did an excellent job. Their communication is excellent and they stand apart from other contractors because of this. There’s clearly pride of ownership so D & R strives to provide excellent customer service and quality workmanship. Our project looks great and we couldn’t be happier.

Mary A.

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