Making sure that your project is on-time, under-budget, and you love it is our primary goal. At D & R Design, we treat each of our remodeling projects with the same passion and dedication as if it were for our own home.

An Optimal Starting Point

We appreciate that there has most likely been a lot of time and emotional investment that led you to this decision and wish to respect it, by listening to all your ideas and concerns. Once we have a firm grasp of your vision, we will offer you the most optimal starting point and creative concept, based on design, practicality, and functionality. Naturally, the final choice for your home renovation model will be yours, we simply help by pointing you in the right direction. It is of the essence that we settle all of this before starting the construction phase. Failing to select the right creative solution in time, may result in increased costs and delayed execution of your home improvement project.

Once the pre-construction consultation and the design process is successfully completed, we can move into the construction phase of your project. This is just as exciting as the design phase, as your vision will finally start taking shape from the initial plans and designs. Find out how you should prepare before remodeling.

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The Construction Process

For most home renovation projects, our construction phase will typically resemble this course of action:

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First and foremost, we create the full project specification, the inventory of necessary materials, and start acquiring them. Once most of what we need is on stock or on its way, we proceed to the next phase. As each of our projects is individual, it is impossible to give a general time estimate for this process.

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Protective Measures and Demolition

Before we start the demolition phase, we make sure to protect all the surrounding areas in your home. We apply protective measures to floors, install plastic walls, and take any necessary protective measurements. We strive to make the demolition phase as short, clean, and controlled as possible.

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Building Phase

Once everything is either out of the way or protected, we start the building phase. This is the part where we execute the construction of any new elements. This differs for each of our remodeling projects, depending on the space, elements involved and the level of change required.

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Rough Ins

This is the stage of the construction phase when the electrical, mechanical, or plumbing-related elements are brought in. Usually, the final connections and installations of these elements aren’t yet finalized.

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Different home remodeling projects have different requirements in terms of inspections and permits. It is approximately in this phase of the construction stage, that we have the inspector come in and offer their approval. At D & R Design we are adamant about getting all the permits for your home renovation. Skipping on a permit means that you don’t get what you pay for. We recommend never skipping on a permit, even if it’s a bit of a hassle.

insulating is part of renovation


Tasks such as insulation or air sealing can only be completed once the inspections are over. We make sure to get all the permits before executing this phase of your home renovation.

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Closing the Walls

This is one of the most exciting and messy phases of the construction. On one hand, we finally begin concluding your project, yet, on the other, the dust that is accumulated can feel somewhat overwhelming. As messy as this phase might be, it will bring us close to the end of your home improvement project.

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This is the stage that makes every homeowner rejoice. We finish flooring, painting the walls, and the tiles if required. This is one of the final stages of the construction phase and it requires time and attention.

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This stage can drastically differ depending on the room that we are remodeling. Kitchens usually have the most components (cabinets, drawers, etc.) and require the most time, however, a bathroom or home office comes with its particular challenges as well. Fitting all the furniture requires careful attention to detail and time to properly do so.

remodeling kitchen


This phase mostly applies to kitchen remodeling projects, where the expensive stone counters can only be cut and measured once the base cabinets have been installed. This requires a series of precision cuts to expensive stone material, which will afterward be polished, delivered, and installed in your kitchen.

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Electrical Fixtures

Once everything is in its final place, we can finish installing the electrical and eventual plumbing fixtures. At this stage, we put extra emphasis on working in a clean manner. The end of this stage will make your remodeled room functional, yet not completely finished.

shelfing installation

Final Touches

This is the highlight of the project. We finish all the final touch-ups, make sure everything is functional, and meticulously clean up at the end. In the end, we will ask you to inspect the facility yourself and make sure you are happy with your newly remodeled room.

Every Project Is Unique

This only serves as a general outline of our construction phase, but keep in mind that each of our projects is unique and requires different creative approaches. At D & R Design, we will tailor a customized plan for each of our projects. We will always listen to your concerns and make sure to treat your home renovation like it was to our own home.

What customers are saying about D & R!

They are professional, courteous, scheduling is always on point and their communication is spot on. If you want your kitchen, bathroom, entertainment area or any other remodel done this is the company to choose. Looking forward to a lifelong relationship with this amazing company!!

The Cooling & Plumbing Co.

Love working with Devin and Ronda. Great communication, fantastic to work with, incredibly beautiful results! looking forward to our next project!

Rachel B. – Facebook Review

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