Residential Remodeling Contractors with Vision

Residential remodeling contractors help turn your dream home into a living reality. Our way of life is slowly shifting and forcing us to depend on our home more than ever. Technology advancements, pandemics, and workplace dynamics are causing us to demand more from our homes.

However, as our demand increases, homebuilding innovation remains stagnant, leaving homeowners stranded without the necessary resources. D & R Designs is a qualified and experienced contractor that will improve your home to fit your lifestyle requirements and make life much easier overall.

The average homeowner doesn’t have the time or skill to make suitable adjustments to their home safely and efficiently. Not only should aesthetics be considered when planning a remodel, but also functionality. Your dream home may have beautiful granite countertops, but does it also include different types of cabinets and drawers that promote organization and flow? Your residential remodeling contractor will bring a unique perspective to help get the most out of your remodel and investment.

Residential Remodeling Contractors to Unlock Your Home’s Potential

Picking the right residential remodeling contractor is the best way to ensure your investment goes the furthest. A home is more than just some walls and a roof; it’s where we create memories and live life! The D & R touch is like bringing a breath of fresh air into your home; out with the old, in with the new! We aim to provide a home that matches your vision with a whole new level of utility. We’ll break down every step of the process and work to ensure you’re thrilled the entire time. After it’s all said and done, you’ll have a gorgeous, purposeful home that’s higher in value!

Selecting the Right Paint

You don’t think about wall colors all the time, but they do play a subconscious role in how we feel. Color dictates the tone and mood of a room or entire home and how different features tie together. Picking the right paint color for your home is not an easy task because there’s a lot to consider. Additionally, it can be pretty intimidating to try and paint a single wall, much less the entire home.

Our interior design teams will help you narrow your choices based on your vision and the room. Intention is everything, and understanding the purpose behind each carefully selected color is icing on the cake for residential remodeling. After you decide on the right color for your remodel, we’ll do the hard work. Painting can get messy, so take it from us, save your clothes, and let our team handle the application. After all, that’s what residential remodeling contractors are for!

The Fun Part….Designing!

Before we start swinging away at your new residential remodel, we need to discuss the most crucial part: the design! The design process is the most fun because we discuss the vision and dream for your new home. This step is also the most stressful for many people because the options feel endless. Finding a residential remodeling contractor you trust will alleviate stress because they’ll have your best interest in mind.

Additionally, the best residential remodeling contractors offer valuable insights during uncertain moments. They will show you how the realities of making your dream home come to life and other features to consider.

The D & R interior design team dedicates effort to maximizing your investment by helping you coordinate each detail. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority because we’re helping create your dream home!

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Custom Builds for Custom Designs

Get more out of your home with a custom build that puts every inch to work. In addition to opening up spaces, upgrading cabinetry, and other features, a custom build will give a home more utility. You can include features such as specific pieces of furniture, like a desk that everyone will use for work or school. Additionally, many home offices benefit from custom bookshelves and other organizational pieces with an aesthetic flair. 

 Working with a residential remodeling contractor like D & R Designs doesn’t mean you have to risk looks for function. Get more out of your living space by including a media wall that fits your exact needs and avoids future clutter. Custom builds during kitchen remodeling can look like new hoods and 2 ¼” countertop edges instead of the standard 1 ½”. Whatever’s in your mind’s eye, the D & R interior design team is ready to help bring it to fruition. 

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Breaking Ground with Residential Remodeling Contractors

The fun begins! When the day comes to start the remodel, you’ll likely be a little nervous and worried about the outcome. These emotions are normal because having someone come in and tear apart your home is pretty daunting. This reason alone is why it’s so critical to find a residential remodeling contractor you can trust. Putting faith in your contractor and knowing they’ll deliver the best results turns your nervousness into excitement.

You should look forward to your remodel because it’ll let you fall in love with your home over again. Working with the D & R team, you won’t have to worry about anything throughout construction. Our team will handle everything from the initial demo to the final cleanup and reveal. You will see your home slowly morph into its newest form and understand the transformation process step-by-step.

Three Signs of a Good Residential Remodeling Contractor

Finding the right contractor is difficult because remodeling a home is a massive investment. You should vet all residential remodeling contractors thoroughly to ensure you’re in the best hands possible. Here are some tips to help you find the right contractor for you!

1. What Do Others Say?

The internet has opened the door for many contractors to network and find new clients. Additionally, the internet has opened the door for helping homeowners understand other people’s experiences while working with a home remodeler. When looking at a prospective contractor, check out online reviews and threads posted by their past clients. This cross-examination will help you understand the validity behind the business’s promise and if you should work with them.

2. Transparent About Their Capabilities

When meeting with contractors, it’s essential to understand that not everyone has the same skill level. Ensure the contractor is upfront and honest about their capabilities when discussing the remodel. Checking their past work will help you understand if they’re being honest about what they can and cannot do. The last thing you want is a contractor to break ground on a remodel outside their skill level.

3. Open Portfolio

Confident contractors should proudly display their past work instead of safeguarding it. Their portfolio of previous remodels should be easily accessible and not require you to jump through countless hoops to take a look.

The D & R Difference

Remodeling is a significant investment in your home and everyday life. A remodel can help you get more out of your home while raising its overall value and comfort. This primary task must be handled by experts who know how to make your dream home come to life. D & R Design is the leader in providing home remodeling services in Chandler, Arizona. Designing and remodeling in the Phoenix metro area and surrounding.

Our team will make the remodeling process stress-free by carefully explaining and walking you through each step of your home’s transformation. Getting started is easy. Fill out our contact form and let us know what you want from your remodel. We’ll review all the details and then reach out to get started!

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“Devin and Ronda were an absolute pleasure to work with. My wife and I are beyond happy with the final result of our Master Bathroom remodel. The professionalism was off the charts.”

-Mary A. 5-Star Google Review

I had an amazing experience. They remodeled for me and did a custom built-in closet. It is perfect for my needs. A girl's dream closet. Now everything has a designated place. Thank you for your professionalism and quality. Much appreciated.

-MAja O. 5-Star Google Review

“I hired D&R Design to create a bucket list custom project for me. Bookshelves with a cabinet base and a bench with drawers under a window in my library space. I am so so so thrilled. Working with Ronda was a breeze, their design was perfect on the first draft. Installation was quick, professional, and clean. Price was reasonable and within my budget. I've already contacted them about my next project!”

-Rachel B. 5-Star Google Review


Pre-Construction & Design

Having an in-depth conversation is where we start. We want to know your dreams and expectations! That is how we can know what to deliver.



It’s critical to start with a solid plan, We start by looking at your space and deciding what would make the most sense and compare it to your dream ideas.

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Kitchens and Bathrooms are our specialty, that is where you will get the most return on investment, but we can tackle any room in the house.


Home Remodeling Tips & Trends

Discover the latest home remodeling tips and trends to inspire your next project. From innovative design ideas to cost-saving tips, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking to renovate your kitchen, bathroom, or entire home, our expert advice will help you achieve the perfect transformation.

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