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Media walls are a great way to showcase and feature the wall you watch television on. And it just so happens that media walls in Arizona are one of our specialties here at D & R Design. Also, media walls are a great addition to every renovation because they can drastically improve the looks of a room and add better functionality! Many homeowners struggle to balance aesthetics and utility, but you get the best of both worlds with a Media Wall. Additionally, a Media Wall can tie in a design to make it feel complete and not lackluster or like it’s missing something.

When we are remodeling a home or a large living space, we occasionally incorporate a media wall into our design. We often see the TV and peripherals getting in the way and causing unnecessary clutter. There is no better way to incorporate your electronics into space than through a well-designed and executed media wall. We love looking at a space and coming up with a creative way to make it both functional AND beautiful.

“I love working with Ronda, Devin, and the D&R crew. I have now used D&R for a shower renovation, built-in bar, wainscoting, Media Wall, and a fireplace reno. I can’t wait to do another project with this beautiful family-owned business. Ronda is super responsive, professional, and easy to communicate with. I can recommend this company.”
-Elizabeth Martinez

What Are Media Walls?

Simply put, a Media Wall is a featured space for your TV and entertainment centers.

However, Media Walls can be far more dynamic than just a wall to place a TV. Some Media Walls come with built-in features like shelving for books, other tech devices, and general storage.

Some Media Walls can also incorporate different features like chests for blankets or even a fireplace. Many people often think Media Walls are good for living rooms, but they can often be incorporated during home office remodels. Media Walls bring more utility into your home office, especially since there are more people working from home these days.

For those looking to boost the design element of their living space, a Media Wall can complement modern trends and enhance the entire room’s renovation. Many people love adding ambient lighting to their Media Walls or fireplaces to give the whole room a comfortable feeling.

Any Style

We can create a media wall in Arizona to go with any style of decor in your home. Whether you want stacked stone, shiplap, tile, board, and batten, brick, or some other treatment, we can make it a reality.

Not sure what would work in your home? We will assess the space and how you use it to come up with a unique look and feel.

Signs Your Renovation Needs A Media Wall

There are dozens of reasons for wanting a new Media Wall added to a room. Here are some signs you can benefit from adding a Media Wall to your next home renovation!

Not Enough Storage 

Does it seem like you’re constantly struggling to find storage in your home? Over the years, we collect things faster than we get rid of them. 

This dilemma alone can make room for a severe storage crisis, especially as the kids grow older. The annual Spring cleaning is a valuable time to eliminate unused or unwanted items, but you shouldn’t have to purge your home whenever you want more organization. 

Instead, a Media Wall can bring much-needed storage to any room, letting you stay orderly as your personal belongings grow. 

The Space Feels Busy

Sometimes our home gets out of control without us ever realizing it! We’re there daily, so it can be hard to notice chaos building around us until it’s too late.

We usually don’t realize the space is disorganized and filled with too many things until we have prepped for guests or parties. Having piles of random items collecting in a room can make a space feel cluttered and overfilled – or busy!

Media Walls bring fresh air by providing proper organization because now all your stored items are given a designated place. The best place for a Media Wall is in living rooms or bedrooms, where you’ll decompress and relax.

The Room Feels Lacking

Do you have a room in your home that feels like it’s being underutilized or not living up to its potential?

Some homeowners have empty spaces they’d love to use but never had the means. Adding a Media Wall during your residential renovation is a great way to improve a room’s utility and design style instantly.

An underserved area will transform into potentially one of the most used rooms in the entire house!

Other Benefits Of Media Walls

Technological Safe Haven

Media walls present the best opportunities to upgrade all your home’s tech devices. Also, media walls are a great place to put all your major home tech in one location for easy access and use. You can establish specific areas for gaming consoles, entertainment centers, and your new TV!

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Extra Modern Outlets

Speaking of technology, one of the most complex parts of introducing more helpful, fun tech is having enough outlets. When you build a media wall, you can add as many electrical outlets as necessary. Media walls are the solution to end the fight for outlets once and for all!

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Decorative Finishes

It’s true. One of the best parts of renovating is adding new stylistic flair to your home. When you add a media wall to your renovation, you can choose decorative finishes to tie the entire design together. Have you ever wanted a traditional brick fireplace with a TV mounted above? Now’s your chance with a media wall!

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Lighting is everything when it comes to setting the mood and tone of any space. Media Walls present the unique opportunity to add better lighting for any occasion. Whether you want to relax, watch a movie with the family, or host a party, you can add custom lights to fit any circumstance.

What customers are saying about D & R!

Highly recommend. Did a beautiful job on my media/ fireplace wall and custom design under my cabinet. Pleasure to work with, I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Mary O.
5-Star Google Review

D & R completed a beautiful custom media wall of tile and wood. They were professional and paid attention to our wants/need to complete the project. Devon even helped me mount my new TV! True craftsmanship!

Jason J.
5-Star Google Review

Add A Media Wall When You Renovate

A Media Wall is one of the best additions you can include in any residential home renovation. Include a Media Wall with your next home renovation and reap the benefits immediately while boosting your overall home value.

We will work with you throughout the interior design process, including creating a Media Wall that fits your lifestyle and style best. There’s no one way to do a Media Wall because they should be entirely custom to you.

Bring the ideal Media Wall to life right in your living room!

Fill out a contact form to let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll help you explore all the options to create the perfect Media Wall and complete your home renovation!

New Media Wall Design

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