Custom Built-In Home Offices

A custom-built home office has become a necessity for every professional in these troubling times of uncertainty. You might think that working from your second bedroom or cluttered kitchen counter will do the trick, but a designated working space can make the difference between a successful or bitter remote career.

Getting a built-in home office is a guaranteed investment in yourself in terms of productivity, comfort, and well-being. If you’re not sure that a custom home office is what you need, or it sounds like too big of a commitment, get in touch with us for our pre-construction services. During our consultation, we will strive to answer all your questions and concerns, without the full commitment of a construction contract.

Home Offices to Fit Every Home, Space, and Budget

At D & R Design we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of built-in home offices fit for every home, space, and budget. When it comes to the design, furniture, and style, we passionately offer customized creative solutions to all our customers, because every home office project comes with its individual challenges.

Similarly, every remote working professional has his or her own requirements in terms of style, functionality, and size. For every instance, we will propose multiple designs and find the one that best fits your needs and the architecture of your home.

Trendy & Creative

We are in continuous evolution, drawing inspiration from the latest trends and creative directions on the market. We do this to make sure that we can offer all our customers the most modern design, trendiest colors, and newest manufacturing materials. We treat your home like it was our own, and therefore want to offer it the absolute best built-in home office by respecting your vision and listening to your thoughts and concerns at every step along the way.

custom build white cabinet with modern handles for home office remodel

Picture yourself walking in your brand new custom home office for your first day of work.

The mess and clutter are gone to leave room for a beautiful home-office that’s bright, trendy, and tailored to accommodate your needs.

The smell of newly-installed furniture, combined with an abundance of natural light and space, designed for your professional needs, will infuse you with a surge of productivity and positive workflow.

real wood, high-quality custom built drawers in a cabinet

Be More Organized & Productive

An organized home office can offer a productive work environment for multiple members of your household. We can tailor your home office to accommodate multiple individuals and professions, or simply your specific skill set and occupation.

Your built-in home office can include a custom-made desk, floating shelves or bookshelves for your favorites, a multitude of different cabinets to accommodate the clutter of office supplies, and any other element you desire, with a workflow that serves you.


Your Tastes & Requirements

We will create the design for your custom home office strictly with your tastes and requirements in mind. We will of course give you our input in terms of layout, concept, and lighting. We want to accommodate everything you need for an effective workday at the reach of your fingertips. A range of custom built-in cabinets, dividers, and drawers will be available for you to choose from. To guarantee that your home-office is fit to meet the demanding needs of your professional life, we’ll help you choose the best furniture, decorative options, and countertop finishes. We will also offer valuable input on how to create more space, natural lighting, and positive workflow through the layout of your new tailored home office.

Why D & R Custom Home Offices Stand Out

At D & R Design we pride ourselves with the satisfaction that our custom home-office solutions achieve. Despite tailoring every project to your individual need, we adhere to a number of strict principles to help us come up with the most inspired and functional design. To make the design process more transparent for our customers, we have written a list of our main criteria for creating a home-office for peak productivity and comfort:

black line icon of an modern office desk and chair, clock and shelf


First and foremost, you need a dedicated workspace for your home office. We spend around half of our waking hours working, and you shouldn’t try powering through this time in your basement, kitchen counter, or dark spare bedroom. Your home office should be dedicated to your work with few or no distractions and the ability to close it off from the rest of your house. This will guarantee uninterrupted focus and the sense of separating your work life from your beloved home.

black line icon of an modern lamp


Proper lighting is essential, especially for your new dedicated workspace. We will prioritize the designs that achieve the most natural light, seeing as it is the most balanced source of white light available. This is beneficial for both your productivity and mental health. We will also supplement your home office with high-quality general and task lights. The most important aspect, in this case, is to be able to control the intensity and brightness of the light source. We’ll make sure to come with ergonomic artificial lighting solutions that are energy-efficient, have a good spectrum, and are placed to create the least strain on your eyes.

black line icon of an office chair

Furniture and Ergonomics

The furniture has to serve your sense of style, health, and well-being as well. We will always recommend that you get an adjustable chair that promotes your posture, as well as a standing desk with multiple options for height, or anything in between to accommodate your body and enhance your working experience.

black line icon of a custom built shelf


The layout of your home office is as important as the elements it features. We will strive to create a trendy and organized open space, with the best possible flow for your productivity and enjoyment. The layout should allow you to comfortably organize all your equipment, without creating a clutter.

Custom Comfort Built Around You

At D & R Design we create our built-in home offices with the requirements of the busy remote workers in mind. The comfort of your home should extend to your home office, without the distractions and entertainment.

Whether your home office is your full-time office or you use it to run errands and do your shopping, we believe that you deserve a comfortable workspace and a functional design. Whether you’re looking to remodel a corner of your living room or an entire room, we will build your custom home office, for your specific needs. Our custom furniture and storage solutions will achieve an organized and comfortable setup, with a workflow that serves your business.

We are deeply passionate about helping every remote worker with a tailored and functional design. Get in touch with us today, to start designing your built-in home office.

With D & R Design the process will be fulfilling and seamless.

What customers are saying about D & R!

Devin and Ronda were an absolute pleasure to work with. The professionalism was off the charts. They were easily available and quick to respond to all our questions. They ensured the end product was just as we dreamed and took care of the small issues that always seem to pop up with ease. The end results are simply perfect and we will be using them for future projects.

Erik H.

5-Star Google Review

From design concept to installation, D & R Design did an excellent job. Their communication is excellent and they stand apart from other contractors because of this. There’s clearly pride of ownership so D & R strives to provide excellent customer service and quality workmanship. Our project looks great and we couldn’t be happier.

Mary A.

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