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Home Remodeling Services in Chandler, AZ

Have you ever walked into a room with an idea for a different look or style? We are all guilty of it! The room would feel much better if we had this wall removed, new granite countertops, or even a new layout. No matter what you have in mind, D & R Design is ready to help you bring your vision to life. We are one of the leading home remodeling services in Chandler, AZ.

Your home is your sanctuary, the one place where you and your family can relax from everyday stressors.

We spend a significant portion of our lives in our homes creating memories, watching our children grow, and now working. So naturally, home life demands will change and require more, but homes can’t keep up with their own.

Use A Home Remodeling Services To Increase The Value Of Your Home

No matter how big or small, home remodeling is a significant task that professionals should handle. The risk of things going wrong is substantially higher throughout the home remodeling process if you don’t have adequate experience.

There are several considerations that professional home remodeling services know to look out for versus someone inexperienced. However, your home will finally look and feel just as you imagined, and so will the overall value!

Remodeling the home naturally increases the value of your home since you’re upgrading from the original components. The right approach to looking at home remodeling is to see it as a reinvestment into your home and future.

Whether you plan on staying where you’re at forever or eventually selling, an increase in value means more equity!

However, consider upgrading the following areas if you want to get more bang for your buck.

Is It Time For An Upgrade?

Are you tired of walking through the same boring home when, deep down, you know there’s room for improvement? You may have even taken it a step further and mapped out how to make your home more suitable for your lifestyle.

If you know your home has more room for potential, then it’s time for an upgrade!
Finding a home remodeling service is the best place to start, even if you’re unsure what to do first.

Working with a design-build contractor like D & R Design, you’ll understand what’s possible regarding home upgrades. There’s more than one way to go about home remodeling, and professional service will help you discover the right path.

bathroom remodel


The bathroom is one of the most utilized areas of the home and is a sacred place for many people. Reinvesting in your bathroom is an investment in yourself since this is the place where you spend the most time alone.

People use their bathrooms to freshen up, escape the day, relax, or beautify! Many start and end their day in the bathroom, so it should be a place you love, not loathe.

Additionally, bathrooms are one of the places in the home that yields the highest return on investment. The average return at resale for major bathroom remodels is around 93.2%.

Our Bathroom Portfolio

kitchen remodel


Who doesn’t love a gorgeous kitchen? It’s safe to say that no matter who you are, everyone can appreciate a magnificent kitchen.

Kitchen remodels by far one of the most common, and often first, upgrades homeowners do on their remodeling journey. The kitchen is where everyone in the home comes to cook meals and spend time. Additionally, remodeling the kitchen will make for better flow and easier cooking.

Adding more storage in the kitchen will also allow you to upgrade appliances and dishware and become a true asset to the home.

Many homeowners opt to remodel the kitchen because it yields an average 91% return at resale.

Our Kitchen Portfolio


media wall around fireplace

Living Rooms

Whether you have a house full of kiddos or love to entertain, a remodeled living room is a must.

The living room is where you can finally kick back and relax from the day’s chaos. Host house parties, holidays, and birthdays, and create precious memories in your living room. Additionally, a living room remodel will also make room for more storage and unique features like media walls!

The living room can average a 66% return at resale, depending on the details of the remodel.

office remodel

Home Offices

If the pandemic showed us anything, it was the lack of home office capability. As more homeowners continue to work remotely, the need for home office remodels has drastically increased. Create the workplace you need to thrive and earn your living with a custom built-in home office remodel that best fits your work.

Add more drawers, cabinets for better organization, and a work desk that adapts to work for you. If you intend to sell your home, having an upgraded home office will make you a serious contender. The average return at resale for a home office remodel is around 54%, potentially increasing as remote work becomes more prevalent.

Our Home Office Portfolio


You can do preliminary research by using a home improvement value calculator, but remember these will not be fully accurate. 

Benefits of Working with a Professional Home Remodeling Service

Working with a professional home remodeling service provider is the best decision for remodeling. As stated, there’s a lot at stake when you start swinging a hammer away at home. Most inexperienced individuals don’t fully understand what lies behind the wall and can risk knocking out major structures. Additionally, one thing to consider is the time it takes to remodel a home.

Unfortunately, remodels are not finished overnight and, depending on the size, can stretch out over months, assuming everything goes smoothly. A professional remodeling service will ensure that the job is done right the first time on the shortest timeline possible. If contractors encounter issues, they’ll have the know-how and resources to fix the problem and continue with the remodel.

Remodeling services will ensure they stay up to code and don’t pose any safety over aesthetics.

Tips for Choosing the Right Home Remodeling Services Provider

Finding the right home remodeling service provider is a challenge on its own! There are so many options to choose from; it’s incredibly overwhelming. You’ll be happy you did your research after finding the right one, and they take care of everything for you.

Here are some tips to help you find the right contractor for your home remodel:

Check Out Their Reputation

What are others online saying about this company?

Check out online reviews, quotes and testimonials from their prior clients to understand the realities of working with this company.

Understand Your Home Remodeling Goals

It helps your home remodeling service provider if you know what you want. They can help finalize ideas, but having a rough idea gives them a strong starting point.

Look Through Their Portfolio

Everyone has different styles, so you must check their past work portfolio to ensure they can hit the mark. Looking through their portfolio may also spark some new ideas!


Don’t work with a contractor that doesn’t have all the proper credentials to work on your home. You need to trust they can safely and effectively handle your home.

Do They Listen To You?

We do.

Some home remodelers would rather give their take on designs, but it’s your home. Make sure they listen to your must-have’s so you can finally get your dream home.

our owners, devin and ronda

Contact D & R Design

Whether you want to remodel a single room or an entire home, D & R Design is ready to help. Our expert team of interior designers and craftsmen will walk you through every step of the remodeling process, making it easier than ever.

Don’t let this daunting task hold you back from finally living in your dream home; contact D & R Design today for a quote on your next remodel!

“Devin and Ronda were an absolute pleasure to work with. My wife and I are beyond happy with the final result of our Master Bathroom remodel. The professionalism was off the charts.”

-Mary A. 5-Star Google Review

I had an amazing experience. They remodeled for me and did a custom built-in closet. It is perfect for my needs. A girl's dream closet. Now everything has a designated place. Thank you for your professionalism and quality. Much appreciated.

-MAja O. 5-Star Google Review

“I hired D&R Design to create a bucket list custom project for me. Bookshelves with a cabinet base and a bench with drawers under a window in my library space. I am so so so thrilled. Working with Ronda was a breeze, their design was perfect on the first draft. Installation was quick, professional, and clean. Price was reasonable and within my budget. I've already contacted them about my next project!”

-Rachel B. 5-Star Google Review


Pre-Construction & Design

Having an in-depth conversation is where we start. We want to know your dreams and expectations! That is how we can know what to deliver.



It’s critical to start with a solid plan, We start by looking at your space and deciding what would make the most sense and compare it to your dream ideas.

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Kitchens and Bathrooms are our specialty, that is where you will get the most return on investment, but we can tackle any room in the house.


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