How Custom Trim Work Upgrades Any Room

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Board and Batten, Wainscoting and More

How custom trim work can upgrade any room in your home

One of the easiest, most budget-friendly ways to change the look of a room is to do some custom trim work. Arizona, like other areas across the US, is a place where this trend is really taking off. Trim work can include upgrading or adding baseboards, installing crown molding or, adding a gorgeous wall element like board and batten or wainscoting. Gilbert-based D & R is widely known for its superior custom trim work.

Board and Batten in Arizona

Board and batten refers to a type of paneling/siding that features alternating wide boards and narrow wooden strips called battens. Sometimes called barn siding, board and batten was used on barns for generations in Sweden, Norway and eventually America as a weather-tite finish to protect homes against harsh winter conditions. The boards made up the bulk of the finish with the narrow battens fastened over the gaps between the boards. This made an impermeable wall to protect against cold winter winds. Although we hardly have harsh winter conditions in Arizona, board and batten is trending in Arizona as a beautiful, interior finish. Board and batten can be installed horizontally, but the traditional installation is done vertically. This type of treatment can be used on the exterior or interior of your home. With a true board and batten, the boards are one foot wide, but other sizes are also used.

Crown Molding

Crown molding adds an elegant flair to any room of your home and are very often seen as wooden trim where the wall meets the ceiling. The term actually includes a larger family of moldings that flare out to a finished top edge. Crown molding in Arizona is often used on cabinets, as a finishing touch on the tops of walls or for pilasters. Crown molding is also a great option for doors and window hoods and adds a beautiful touch no matter where it’s installed.

Wainscoting in Phoenix

The term wainscoting is actually a verb meaning to line walls with woodwork, while wainscot is basically wood that is in the form of paneling for lining interior walls. The terms can be used interchangeably. Regardless of which term you use, wainscoting in Arizona has typically come to mean beadboard/paneling that goes halfway up a wall with molding at the bottom and a cap rail at the top. It’s a beautiful, elegant finish to a dining room, hallway or kitchen but the possibilities really are endless.

Why You Should Not DIY Trim Work

The DIY movement is alive and well across the US – just turn on HGTV and you’ll see just how huge this trend has become! There are many home improvement projects that are easy to tackle yourself, but trim work is not one of them. Custom trim work in Arizona takes exacting measurements, very special saws and cuts and a deep knowledge of best installation practices on various wall types and surfaces. You are better off hiring an expert to ensure you have custom trim work you love for decades to come. So leave the board and batten and wainscoting to the experts like Devin at D & R Design. His experience, skilled craftsmanship and commitment to the highest quality is unmatched in Arizona. Trust your custom trim work to D & R.

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