The Design Process

It’s critical to start with a solid plan, We start by looking at your space and deciding what would make the most sense and compare it to your dream ideas. Every home remodeling project is unique and therefore comes with its challenges. Combining our passion for creative solutions and expertise in home renovations, we strive to offer you as many alternatives as your space and budget allow.

For every end goal, there are multiple starting points. We wish to identify the best one for your case, to save you precious time and resources. It is essential to determine the best course of action before we proceed with design and construction. Once we established what makes the most sense for you during the pre-construction consultation, we proceed to the design.

Watch Your Dream Project Take Shape

The design process is one of the stages of your residential remodeling that we are most excited about. It is in this stage that the concept for your new media wall, bathroom, or kitchen will finally take shape. To be able to come up with the best possible creative solution, it is essential for us to understand what motivated your home remodeling project. We understand that there has most likely been a lot of time and emotional investment that led you to this decision, and wish to respect it, by listening to all your suggestions and concerns. Afterward, we will offer you the most optimal starting point and creative concept, based on aesthetics, practicality, and functionality.

Broadly speaking, the design process is the course of creating a description of your home’s new facility. This is further represented by a detailed plan including all the specifications and a construction plan, that includes the necessary resources and activities required for making your dream kitchen or bathroom come to life. This is one of the most important steps, as it will be the blueprint implemented during the construction phase. In comparison to many contractors, we appreciate the close relationship between design and construction, and will therefore never rush through the design process without careful consideration of your space, vision, and resources.

custom designed living space to match client home and style

The Principles That Guide Our Design Process

To make sure we provide the best custom designs for your situation, we strictly adhere to the following principles:

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Optimal Usage of Space

Clever usage of your home’s available space can make a detrimental difference in the final result. Both floor and three-dimensional space require careful consideration during the design process. We need to make sure not to overcrowd your room, nor should it feel hollow and empty. Positive and negative space are two of the main factors we consider for your home remodeling, to generate the effect you desire.

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Natural and Artificial Lighting

One of the worst things we see done during unprofessional home remodeling is dismissing the importance of proper lighting. Lighting can bring your rooms to life, or make them depressing and monotonous. At D & R design we focus on maximizing your new room’s natural light by implementing windows, mirrors, or even floor to ceiling curtain walls in the right places. We also strategically implement artificial lights to play with the ambiance and overall tone of your room.

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Colors and Texture

To be able to create the perfect ambiance in your home, we have to make colors, patterns, and textures blend in together. We use the colors to reflect mood and contrast, to emphasize a particular aspect of your vision for your home.

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Alignment and Harmony

Every room of your house should have its sense of harmony and balance in their own way. All of its elements should be in tune with each other, so the transitions between them won’t be disruptive. Balance, harmony, and alignment are what we at D & R strive for in each of our home renovation projects.

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Creating Emphasis

A subtle point of focus should be created in every room of your house. The focal point of the room can be an artwork, decorated wall, or even a piece of furniture made prominent, to stand out. This also acts as the unifying element of the whole space, permitting the rest of the objects to highlight or even contrast it.

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Unity and Proportion

For your new room to be adequately proportioned, several factors must be given careful consideration. For the remodeling job to be successful, a room with adequate proportions must be the end result. We take into consideration the shape and size of all the elements, as well as the function of the objects next to one another. A type of unifying sense of balance must be achieved, for everything to seem to “belong” in its place. The dimensions of the room must also be carefully considered before adding any new pieces of furniture.

We Understand Your Vision

These are only some of the main home remodeling principles that we adhere to, in order to create the most pleasing and practical design for your home. After we fully understand your vision and available space, we will provide multiple designs from which you can choose, based on their aesthetics, practicality, and required level of effort. We strive to create all our designs to embrace your dream and find it important to offer multiple creative solutions. Determining which suits your home the best, can result in the best outcome, within the smallest timeframe and the least money spent.

At D & R Design we are deeply passionate about home renovation and treat every project with passion, and every room renovation as if it was for our own home. Get in touch with us today, to start designing your new media wall, bathroom, or renovated kitchen together, and bring it to life in your own home.

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